Welcome McMenamins UFO Festival Goers!

McMenamins UFO Festival- Thank you for visiting this site and checking out my novel Hoaxes- Roswell, UFOs, and International Espionage.

I have discounted the book 33% for the festival, but this special price is only available through May 31st when it will return to full price. Learn more about the novel at any of your favorite online publishers. Click on any link below.

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Apple iBooks

If you are new to reading electronic books, it is easy to do. Either download the Kindle app from Amazon, or you can download the eReader Prestigio  app from the Google Play store. I find this app to be the easiest to use. You can also download the novel as a PDF from Smashwords and read it that way. You can read the novel on anything- smartphone, reader (Kindle, Nook), tablet, laptop or computer.

One nice thing about e-books is that they are much less expensive than paperback or hardbound because there is no need for paper, printing, binding, shipping, or taking space on a shelf, eliminating all those expenses. Much better for the environment too!

For those of you who just plain enjoy the feel of turning a page, I do plan to release Hoaxes in book form, but that is not until late this year or early next.

Enjoy the novel, and when finished please post a review where you purchased the book.

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I am a writer, photographer, and believer in life beyond our own planet. In the ‘90s I was fascinated with the UFO crash at Roswell, reading everything I could find, which included other UFO sightings, abductions, Bluebook, Area 51, Project Mogul, Majestic 12, and the coverups that seemed to spring from them. Twenty years later I wrote this novel. I never intended for it to be about the Roswell Incident, but it seemed to just take over my original concept, and I am very proud of the result, including bringing me back to pursuing the truth.