The Roswell UFO Crash – BBC Documentary

I find it funny that one of the best documentaries about the UFO crash outside Roswell was made across ‘the pond’ in England by the BBC. What makes this documentary stand out is how many key witnesses they interview with either direct involvement, or by providing testimony as relayed directly to them.

The Roswell UFO Crash – BBC Documentary

Over 20 witnesses are interviewed in this documentary. Here are a few:

Loretta Proctor—who saw actual debris brought to her ranch by Mac Brazel, the ranch hand who found it on the Foster Ranch.

Jesse Marcel, Jr.—son of Major Marcel, the officer who responded to the crash site and returned with some of the debris. Major Marcel showed it to his son and wife before taking it to the base because he wanted them to see something so amazing.

Frankie Rowe—daughter of Dan Dwier, a Roswell Fire Brigade firefighter, who was at the station when her father brought in some of the debris. She was later threatened to ‘forget’ what she saw or it was a big desert in which to disappear.

Frank Joyce and Jud Roberts—from KGFL radio station who shared threats of closing it down if they didn’t stop broadcasting about the crash.

And the military witnesses:

Butch Blanchard—who in 1965 as a 4-star general told a friend that what he saw he had never seen before.

Major Jesse Marcel—in a rare 1978 interview admitting that he thought there was a cover-up.

Colonial Thomas DeBose—General Roger Ramey’s Chief of Staff at the time and shown with General Ramey posing with the weather balloon pieces that were substituted for the real debris. He retired as a Brigadier General and in an interview in 1991, shortly before his death, said the balloon was a cover story.

Even Congressman Steven Schiff was interviewed questioning the number of changing stories as an explanation for what happened in those July days of 1947.

Perhaps the only downside of this documentary is inclusion of footage from The Alien Autopsy. This footage was originally ‘discovered’ by Ray Santilli, a British musician, record, and film producer and released to the viewing public in 1995. It wasn’t until 2006 that he admitted the footage was a staged  reconstruction of a film he had seen in 1990, and was too damaged to use. It is sad that such attention was placed on this film when it was most likely a hoax. Even if what he said was true, he could have produced the damaged film along with the ‘reconstructed’ footage, so that we could make up our own minds. Even so, the film has become a part of the story of The Roswell Incident and is worth inclusion. You will find the full 17 minute film at the end of the documentary.

Take the time to watch this great production and then ask yourself—could all of these people be lying?

The Roswell Incident, as titled, was produced by Channel Four Television Corporation for the BBC and first aired in 1995. Thanks to Producer John Purdie and Director Tim Shawcross for an outstanding documentary.

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I am a writer, photographer, and believer in life beyond our own planet. In the ‘90s I was fascinated with the UFO crash at Roswell, reading everything I could find, which included other UFO sightings, abductions, Bluebook, Area 51, Project Mogul, Majestic 12, and the coverups that seemed to spring from them. Twenty years later I wrote this novel. I never intended for it to be about the Roswell Incident, but it seemed to just take over my original concept, and I am very proud of the result, including bringing me back to pursuing the truth.