Hoaxes is now published on Amazon

Kindle readers can now find Hoaxes on Amazon. Hoaxes- Roswell, UFOs and International Espionage, is the new novel by Schneider. It takes place in 1966 where three teenagers discover debris from the famous UFO crash that took place outside Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. The US Air Force and Russian KGB know about it, and will do any thing to get it.

Reviewers say, “I couldn’t put it down.” Read more about this thrilling adventure by Schneider using the following link to the book: Amazon Hoaxes

Hoaxes is also available through Amazon in the following countries: United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy, Netherlands, Japan, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and India.

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I am a writer, photographer, and believer in life beyond our own planet. In the ‘90s I was fascinated with the UFO crash at Roswell, reading everything I could find, which included other UFO sightings, abductions, Bluebook, Area 51, Project Mogul, Majestic 12, and the coverups that seemed to spring from them. Twenty years later I wrote this novel. I never intended for it to be about the Roswell Incident, but it seemed to just take over my original concept, and I am very proud of the result, including bringing me back to pursuing the truth.